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In this post, we are going to discuss techniques commonly used to eliminate grinding defects. Common grinding defects such as chatter during grinding and guidelines to establish a problem free foundation for optimizing the grinding process.

5 most common grinding problems and how to fix them

Grinding Problems - Chatter
Most Common Grinding Process Related Problem – Chatter

The most frequent problems during grinding include

Grinding Chatter

Causes & Method of Correction – Grinding Chatter

  • Wheel grading too hard-Use softer grade or coarser grit.
  • Wheel out of balance-Rebalance after truing operation. Run wheel without coolant to throw off excess water. When wheel is removed from machine store on side to prevent water from setting at lower edge of wheel.
  • Wheel out of round- True before and after balancing.
  • Work centers of work rests not true, or improperly lubricated Check fit of centers and rests Provide constant and even lubrication.

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Wheel Loading – Metal Lodged on Grains or in Wheel Pores

Causes & Method of Correction

  • Incorrect wheel-Use coarser grain size, or more open bond to provide chip clearance.
  • Faulty dressing-Use sharper dresser Dress faster
  • Coolant-Use more, cleaner and thinner coolant.

Wheel Glazing

Causes & Method of Correction

  • Wheel grading hard and finer grit- Use coarser grain size, softer grade.
  • Improper dressing- Keep wheel sharp with sharper dresser. Use faster dressing tool traverse. Use more dressing tool penetration.

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Burning of Work

Causes & Method of Correction

  • Wheel grading too hard-Use softer grade. Prevent glazing and loading. Use more coolant.
  • Faulty operation-Bring wheel to work more gradually, use less in-feed. Prevent stoppage of work while in contact with wheel.

Searching of Work – Indication

Causes & Method of Correction

  • Wavy traverse line-Cause-ragged wheel Use round of wheel edges
  • Isolated deep marks-Causes
    • Improper wheel dressing-Use sharper dressing tools. Brush wheel after dressing.
    • Coarse grains or foreign material in wheel face. Dress it out.
  • Deep irregular marks-Cause-Loose wheel flanges Tighten flanges using blotters.
  • Grain marks-Causes
    • Wheel too coarse or too soft- Use finer grain size of harder grade wheel.
    • Too much difference in grain size between roughing and finishing wheels. – Use finer roughing wheel or finish out better with roughing wheel.
    • Dressing too coarse- Less dresser penetration and slower traverses.

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