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Grinding Wheel Ring Test Procedure

The ring test usually detects an external or internally cracked wheel. This test is applicable to vitrified and silicate wheels. Such wheels will give a metallic ring when gently tapped with a wooden mallet, preferably at about 45 degrees to the either side of the vertical center line and about 25 to 50 mm from the periphery.

A sound and undamaged wheel will give a clear Metallic tone sound. If cracked, there will be a dead sound and not a clear “ring”.

How to Perform a Grinding Ring Test?

The wheel should be dry and free of packing material when applying this test otherwise the sound will be deadened. If the wheel is not too heavy it may be suspended from its bore on a small pin or the finger.

Heavier wheels should be allowed to test in a vertical position on a clean, smooth, hard floor. Tap the wheel gently with a wooden mallet or wooden handle of the screw driver.

Different size and type of grinding wheel

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The best spot to tap the wheel for the “ring test” is about 45 degrees either side of the vertical center line and  about 25mm to 50 mm from the periphery. If struck directly along the vertical center line the “ring” even in a good-condition sound wheel is sometimes muffled and may lead one to wrongly assume that the wheel is cracked.

This especially true of larger wheels which are supported on the floor when test is conducted. Sometimes, this is also noticed when the wheel is suspended from the bore.

It is recommended that the “ring test” be repeated after rotating the wheel 45° to the left or right. Repeat this “ring test” immediately before mounting either a new or used wheel on the machine, especially if the wheel has been in storage or out of service for a considerable time. Every wheel does not make the same sound when given a “ring test”. There are differences in ring from one type to another.

Wheels bonded with organic material do not give out the same clear Metallic ring as do the vitrified and straight wheels. It is helpful if a characteristic “ring” for a certain wheel type can be established. This can be done by “ring testing” one or more similar wheels at the same time. If any wheel sounds different it must be necessarily come under question.

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