Founder, Key Milestones & Dates


We are known as ‘HINDUSTAN GROUP’.Our company was started by Late Shri SHYAM LAL GARG & he built the company from scratch. Our group is in the manufacturing of Rubber rollsChemicals (Phenol-formaldehyde resins (PF) and Vitrified Grinding Wheels.

We are one of the top manufacturers of rice rubber roll in the world today and we have two manufacturing facilities located in Sonepat and Ghaziabad. We are using BEST AVAILABLE machine with maximum automation in manufacturing. We are also making the aluminium drums used in rubber roll in our premise. We have 1000 + dealer network in India and are supplying to almost every exporter rice mill in India. We are also exporting our goods to many ASIAN & SOUTH AMERICAN countries.

In 1989, We set up a chemical manufacturing facility to make high-quality Phenol-formaldehyde resins (PF) used in various industries like automobile, Switches and Rice rubber Roll etc Our company is making these chemicals in stainless steel reactors which allows us to make a very light coloured material and grinding of then lump form resin is done by ACM (AIR CLASSIFIED MILL) which gives a very fine & universal grade of resin. This fine product gives a very uniform mixing wherever it’s used.

LATE SHRI SHYAM LAL GARG Stepped into manufacturing of VITRIFIED GRINDING WHEEL in 2010 and our Company specialises in PRECISION GRINDING WHEEL. Vitrified Grinding Wheel is manufactured by using grain (SILICON CARBIDE OR ALUMINIUM OXIDE) as basic raw material and curing it at the temperature as high as 1300°C using various bonds (Depending upon the product requirement ). A vitrified grinding wheel can also be called technically as GLASS since the bond used & temperature is almost same as used to make GLASS. Today We are making the vitrified grinding wheel starting from 4” diameter to 40″ diameter. Our company motto is “DO IT RIGHT FIRST TIME & EVERYTIME”.

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