Grinding Cup Wheel

Grinding Cup Wheel

Grinding Cup wheel is used in tool and cutter grinders where having an additional radial grinding surface is beneficial. In cup grinding, a very shallow cup type grinding is done in slots and crevices is used in generally cutter grinding and also jig grinding. Critical parameters required are the fast cut-rate, smooth vibration-free running and the better life.

They are called Cup Wheels, as the shape is like a cup and there are two types of the same. One is straight and the other is tapper type Cup Wheels. These cups have a back wall and circular side wall. These walls especially the side wall is used to grind the job. Although, both the walls are of a specific thickness, but can be made on special request and requirement of the consumer.  Thicker walls are generally for more material removal, while thinner walls are used for fine grinding. Industries like automotive leaf spring manufacturing, blades manufacturing use the cup wheels, apart from various other manufacturing sectors which require additional radial grinding surface.

They function with their faces in general for surface grinding & sharpening of tools like a paper cutter, circular tools etc.

One more abrasive without a round shape comes by the name of the segment.


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