P.F. Resin

P.F. Resin

P.F. Resin

We are manufacturing many grades of resin namely phenol-formaldehyde resin in our group company BIMEL RESINS PVT LTD. Here we are making many grades of resin used in different industries like rubber roll, Brake shoe and bakelite industries. Most peculiar characterstic of P.F. Resin is it’s very short shelf life. P.F Resin used to improve.

(1)  Abrasion properties

(2) Improves task

(3) Increases hardness

Our unit supports our rubber roll very well since we use fresh resin in our rubber roll & their leads to excellent properties of rubber-like-

(1) Tensile Strength

(2) Elongation

(3) Modulus

(4) Abrasion

We make Resins in S.S Reactor and are grinding Resin using ACM (Air Classifying Mill) to get very fine & consistent powder  (in term of size).