As the name suggest, Segment are blocks, cuboids and special shaped abrasive blocks used for surface grinding.

They are used in surface grinding application to grind flat stock or flat surface. Typically a group of a segment are loaded into the chuck that moves the abrasives over the job, but some operation moves the job and keeps the segment stationary. Critical parameters required are surface finish without a scratch and burn mark, stock removal and overall life. They are used in vertical orientation and hence the operator keeps on adjusting the segments, when it is required. This also helps in the maximum use of the segments in comparison to the wheels.

The key to successful segment grinding is two-sided. First, the use of correct specification for the job and second, the correct operating structure. It is important to use a special segment bond formulation to allow for maximum chip clearance.

Usually, the segments are used in courser grits, as they are generally used for stock removal to give flat surface. Vitrified Segments have an edge over the Resinoid Segments, as cutting Oil / coolants can be used while in operation. Whereas, in Resinoid Segments, water based cooling agents are to be avoided, as Resinoid Segments are Resin based, which are not compatible with water.

Segments have a completely different Bond system, which is specially developed for segments.  This is because, the usage orientation of Segments and Wheels are totally different from each other.



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