Vitrified Grinding Wheel

Vitrified Bonded Grinding Wheel


Vitrified grinding wheel is the mixture of abrasive grains, filler, and bonding materials and come under the category of Bonded Abrasives that is why sometimes it called Vitrified Bonded Grinding Wheel.

This mixture is heated at 1300°C to give it the final strength. Every day new R & D and development are going on using new abrasive grain and bonds to increase efficiency and performance of the vitrified grinding wheel.

Each product is designed to give a specific finish, speed of cutting and stock removal of as a cutting requirement. Then abrasives are used to do precision grinding for glass, ceramics, ferrous, non-ferrous metal marble and many other metals.


Why Choose us as your Vitrified Grinding Wheel Supplier ?

We use Alkali Washed Grains which gives our wheel excellent property in terms of Edge Retention, Consistent grinding, Very smooth finish on the metal surface & Minimum stock building on the wheel surface.

Looking for vitrified wheel for high stock removal even at the dry condition?

Our Vitrified Bonded Wheels deliver a cooler cutting action, less loading and less chance of burn on the work-piece.

Our vitrified wheel has added a higher level of performance to grinding operations of our client’s business.

Vitrified Grinding Wheel related FAQs

What are bonded abrasives?

Bonded abrasives contains abrasive grains held together with the help of binders - glass, resin, rubber etc. Bonded abrasive products are used to remove metal, ceramics, glass, plastics, and paint from surface. Bonded abrasives are used in manufacturing both grinding wheels, abrasive stones, abrasive sticks.

What is grade of a grinding wheel?

The grade of a grinding wheel is related to bonding material in grinding wheel or we can say it's a measure of the hardness of grinding wheel or a measure of the strength of the material holding the individual grains in the wheel.

Which bond is commonly used in grinding wheel?

Resin bond

Does your company export products in United State of America ( USA)?

Yes, Hindustan Abrasives deliver vitrified grinding wheels & other grinding wheels in USA, Japan and other countries in Europe and america
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