Abrasive Supplier & Grinding Wheel Manufacturer in India

Hindustan Abrasives is leading Worldwide supplier of abrasives grinding wheel & expert in abrasives industry of India.

Hindustan Abrasives company is #1 abrasives product & grinding wheel supplier, manufacturer & exporter.

Our company is known for quality products & abrasives products related consultancy services.

Our Top Rated Products

Abrasive Grinding Wheel & Abrasive Stone Products

Precision Grinding Wheels

Toolroom grinding wheel
Toolroom grinding wheel

Precision grinding operations cover all grinding applications that require specific dimensions and high tolerances. Precision grinding applications include cylindrical external grinding (OD grinding), internal grinding (ID grinding), surface grinding and centerless grinding.

Rice Whitener Stone for Rice mills

Rice Whitener Stone
Rice Whitener Stone

Hindustan is today a renowned name in whitening of rice and manufacturing of rice whitening abrasives rollers. Hindustan is making all varieties of modern whitening stone in rice mills and offers stone CUSTOM MADE TO MEET customer requirement in SHORTEST TIME in the industry.

Centerless Grinding Wheel

Centerless Grinding Wheel Hindustan Abrasives Product
Centerless Grinding Wheel

Our experts understand difficulties of grinding, recommend best ceramic or resin based abrasives for better results

Why Hindustan Abrasives

Low Price & High Quality Abrasive Grinding Wheel Manufacturer

Hindustan Abrasives have been successful in fulfilling our self made promise to deliver more to the customers, who have invested in our abrasive wheel manufacturing company. We are one of the top abrasive companies in India when it comes to low price grinding wheels and abrasives products.

40 Years of Abrasives Product Manufacturing

Our Abrasives company is in operation for 8 Years but has got 40-Years of combined Experience in Abrasives product manufacturing because of our experienced team members & experts. Our Technical team is one of the best team in abrasive industry in India.

Certified Abrasives Company

Hindustan Abrasives is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, indulged in abrasive manufacturinggrinding wheels & polishing wheels & other abrasives materials. We are dedicated to manufacture quality abrasive products for clients & we are on mission of being crowned as one of the top 10 & largest abrasives manufactures in World.

One of the Largest Abrasive Material Suppliers in India

Hindustan Abrasives is one of the top 10 abrasives supplier, grinding stone, abrasive rolls, & grinding wheel supplier in terms of service, especially for the non-standard abrasives products. Our company’s main aim is DO IT RIGHT FIRST TIME EVERY-TIME.

abrasive manufacturers
Hindustan Abrasives manufacturers & suppliers

Advantages We Offer

  1. Excellent product quality in terms of smooth finish on job surface.
  2. Custom made high quality grinding wheel.
  3. Latest technical know how to give the best abrasive product.
  4. Give best in term of piece/performance ratio.
  5. Under commit over deliver meaning giving delivery before due date.

Our Company : Abrasive Wheels Manufacturer

Grinding Wheels & Abrasives Manufacturer
Hindustan Abrasives is one of the leading abrasives manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India.

We are known as HINDUSTAN GROUP. Hindustan abrasives were started by LATE SHRI SHYAM LAL GARG & he built the company from scratch.

Our group is in the manufacturing of rubber rolls, chemicals (Phenol-Formaldehyde Resins) and vitrified grinding wheels.

We are one of the top manufacturers of rice rubber roll in the world today and we have two manufacturing facilities in Sonipat and Ghaziabad. We supply our products in PAN India, USA, Rusia and Africa.

We are using the BEST Accessible machine with the most extreme automization for assembling. We are also making the aluminum drums used in rubber rolls in our premises. We have a strong 1000+ dealer network in India and are supplying them to almost every export-oriented rice mill in India. We are also exporting our goods to many ASIAN & SOUTH AMERICAN countries.

We started as grinding wheel manufacturers and grinding wheel supplies of the vitrified grinding wheel and our company specializes in abrasives grinding wheel in  PRECISION GRINDING WHEEL with the motto –


Quality assurance

We have the laboratory with all the modern facilities to test each & every raw material and also check finished grinding wheel quality including its hardness (without damaging). Our company is ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED.

Effective Team Work

No job is possible in the whole universe by a man/woman. To achieve big goals consistently, every organization should have an effective & responsive team to do the job in time every time and this is also the logo of our company.



This comes after years of consistency in term of quality and service and we are honoured to have customers whose feedback gives us the authority to say that we are RELIABLE in term of Consistent quality, Commitment & Before time delivery.


Our Team

Our Company Experts
Founder Of The Company
Shyam Lal Garg
Founder Of The Company
Director of The Company
Amit Garg
Director Of the Company
Jatin Garg
Chief Financial Officer
Sanjay Garg
Chief Financial Officer
R & D Executive
Kshitij Garg
R & D Executive
kamal jee
Kamal Singh
Production & Planning
Purushottam Tiwari
Purushottam Tiwari
Sales Head North and East Zone
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