Precision Grinding Wheels

Precision Grinding Wheels

Grinding, where high tolerances and very specific dimension is required is called Precision Grinding Wheels. These include both

  1. External grinding
  2. Internal grinding

The objective of precision grinding is achieved by using wheels of different shapes & sizes like

  1. Round
  2. Square
  3. cup
  4. Dishes

They are ideal for a range of material from easy to hard to grind tools, steels, and other metals.

In a grinding wheel, the abrasive performs the same function as teeth in a saw, but unlike a saw, the grinding wheel has millions of grains distributed uniformly throughout & moves against the work-piece and remove tiny chips of unwanted material from the surface of the desired job.

Precision grinding has many divisions like

  1. Centerless grinding wheel
  2. Cylindrical grinding wheel
  3. Toolroom grinding wheel
  4. Surface grinding wheels 

Surface grinding wheels selection is based on hardness and type of material used. For example, surface grinding wheels for hardened steels are of the softer grade. Our wheels are giving better performance than Norton grinding wheels at most of the places.

  1. Gear grinding wheel
  2. Bench grinder wheels

There are different ways of grinding wheels selection. Grinding wheel selection chart, grinding wheel specification chart, grinding wheel grade chart helps to get exact grinding wheel codes and hence take the right decision.

We have a wide range of Precision Grinding mediums, supported by the best Pre-fired Aluminium grain available in the market and best of technology Bond systems specially developed for every requirement of the industry. For Precision Grinding Wheels, we do have a robust grain combination system, which is precise to any requirement. One coarser and one finer grit grain is always combined to the required grit, which enacts as a wholesome product, giving the best cutting action, evenly proportionate to the best finishing action.

That is why, the consumer need not bother themselves to put the job to the machine with different grit wheels, just to have cutting first and then finish the surface.

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