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Hindustan Abrasive Products also carries a full line of coated abrasives Products for Industrial Applications

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Precision Grinding Wheel

Precision Grinding Wheel

Precision grinding operations cover all grinding applications that require specific dimensions and high tolerances.

Precision grinding applications include cylindrical external grinding (OD grinding), internal grinding

Cylindrical Grinding Wheels

Cylindrical Grinding Wheel

The cylindrical grinding wheel is used to shape the object which may or may not be cylindrical in shape having an axis of rotation.

Centerless Grinding Wheel

Centerless Grinding Wheel

Centerless grinding is a method of material removal through grinding, similar to cylindrical grinding except for the absence of the spindle

Rice Whitener

Rice Whitener Stone

Hindustan is today a renowned name in the field of whitening of rice and manufacturing of rice whitening abrasive roller.

Hindustan is making all varieties of modern whitening stone used in rice mills.

Roll grinding wheel

Roll grinding wheel

Roll grinding wheel is ones used for grinding big rolls of steel mills. It is a glorified form of cylindrical grinding

Tool Room Grinding

Tool Room Grinding

Our organisation is supplying the broad spectrum of tool room grinding wheel.

Snagging Wheels
Snagging Wheel

Snagging Wheel

Snagging is a rough grinding application to remove undesirable metal.

Since finish is not a critical Parameter, coarse & durable grinding wheel are used

Segments for Surface Grinding
Segments for Surface Grinding


They are used in surface grinding application to grind flat stock or flat surface. Typically a group of the segment are loaded

Grinding Cup Wheel
Cup Wheel

Cup Wheel

Cup wheels are used in tool and cutter grinders where having an additional radial grinding surface is beneficial.

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