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Rice Polishing Cones


Abrasive Cone Polisher for Minimum Breakage

15 years back, when Rice Whitener machines were not introduced, the rice was polished on Rice Polishing Machines, which used ‘Hand Made’ Cones. These machines had many disadvantages like Uneven density, Uneven surface, Dependency on foreman (Mistri), Frequent breakdowns.

These disadvantages led to the introduction of Rice Whitener Machines. These new machines did not have any of the above-marked problems, but this technology too had its De-merits. According to Rice Millers, milling long-grain rice, the broken rice was much more in these machines as compared to Rice Polishing Cones, as the Whitener machines mainly focused on heavy production, rather than quality.

Cone Polisher Manufacturing Range

Grain Bond Grade Structure Speed Diameter Thickness
BA, WA, BS V3, VGT, V1 H-L 5 33&45 450-915 40-100

  • Made from Heavy-duty cast iron
  • Our Cone Polisher is Suitable for Raw milling
  • Very less broken rice percentage in comparision to other brands ( Tested and trusted by Rice Millers around the globe

Our Rice Polishing cones are used for polishing of Raw as well as Parboiled rice during milling process in your rice mill.
Cone Polishers are properly balanced cone for smooth running and less vibrations during polishing process of rice.
Helping rice millers to increase their profit with less percentage of rice.

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