Cone Polisher

Cone Polisher

We are the only North India based company manufacturing Cone Polisher for Rice Polishing. We have been producing Rice Whitener Stones for 10 years, producing the full range of Rice Polishing Whitener Stones, be it Satake, Buhler, Milltech, Suri and many more…

15 years back, when Rice Whitener machines were not introduced, the rice was polished on Rice Polishing Machines, which used ‘Hand Made’ Cones. These machines had many disadvantages like

  1. Uneven density
  2. Uneven surface
  3. Dependency on foreman (Mistri)
  4. Frequent breakdowns

These disadvantages led to the introduction of Rice Whitener Machines. These new machines did not have any of the above-marked problems, but this technology too had its De-merits. According to Rice Millers, milling long grain Rice, the Broken Rice was much more in these machines as compared to Rice Polishing Cones, as the Whitener machines mainly focused on heavy production, rather than quality.

Now, these concerned Rice Millers again started moving towards Cone Rice Polishing Machines with new advanced Cones, which were made in factories and are installed instantly without any hassle.

These cones are made by vitrified technology with high-quality Silicon Carbide grain. The grain mix is pressed in molds to give a proper shape under very high hydraulic pressure, making it uniform in density and shape. Then these cones are fired in specially developed kilns under very high temperature (above 1200 C) for proper vitrification.

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Cone Polisher For Rice Polishing

Advantages of the cones Polisher

  1. Uniform density
  2. Uniform surface
  3. No dependency on the foreman 
  4. No breakdowns
  5. Lesser broken of Rice

The Hindustan Abrasive is a pioneer in manufacturing Rice Polishing Cones under the brand name “POLISH MASTER”.

Through many sizes of cones are used the most popular sizes are

  1. 30”
  2. 36”
  3. 40”

Cone work at very less RPM compared to Rice Whitener Stone and are therefore helpful in saving broken percentage of rice.

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