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Grinding Wheel HSN Code

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HSN code for Grinding Wheel in India

The HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) code for grinding wheels is 6804.

This code is used to classify abrasive products and related materials for customs purposes and to facilitate international trade.

Under the HSN system, grinding wheels are classified as follows:

  • 6804.10 – Of agglomerated synthetic or natural diamond
  • 6804.21 – Of silicon carbide
  • 6804.22 – Of aluminium oxide
  • 6804.29 – Other

Each HSN code is divided into further subcategories based on specific characteristics of the product, such as size, shape, and abrasive material.

These codes are used to ensure that the correct duties and taxes are applied to grinding wheels and other abrasive products when they are imported or exported.