Surface Grinding Wheels

Surface Grinding Wheels
Hindustan Surface Grinding Wheels

Surface Grinding Wheels

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One of the types of precision grinding wheels; Hindustan surface grinding wheels are a universal choice for all those customers for heavy, rapid stock removal and production work. These wheels can easily handle tolerance operations and are generally preferred in such uses only. The surface grinding wheels come in various sizes and abrasive grain types and bonds that are used to increase the grinding performance of a particular size. These wheels are of top quality and are preferred as a top choice by many companies.

The process of Surface Grinding Wheels

The process is used to produce a good and a flat finish on the surfaces and is widely used as an abrasive machine that helps in producing smooth finish or flat finished surfaces. The abrasive machine consists of a spinning wheel which is covered in rough particles that aid in the grinding process, cutting the chips or the metallic or nonmetallic substances from the workpiece. This makes sure that the end product is flat or smooth.

Our surface grinding machine comes in various sizes depending on the critical size of the surface finish. The precision of any surface grinding wheel depends on its types and usages and so the surface is removed for any abrasive or rough surface.

The surfaces of the grinding wheels are composed of aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN). The most commonly preferred and in demand is the aluminum oxide. For diamond and CBN are constructed of less expensive material and is then surrounded by the diamond or the CBN layer. The grinding wheels composed of diamond and CBN are very hard in nature and can be used to economically grind materials like ceramics, carbides. Also, the wheels can either also be grounded by diamond and CBN.

The maintenance of the grinding wheel surface is done by the grinding dresses that can be table mounted or mounted in the wheel head so that they can be reapplied.

There are three types of surface grinders used:

  1. Horizontal spindle surface grinders where the flat edge of the wheel is in contact with the workpiece.
  2. Vertical spindle grinders where the face of the wheel is used on the flat surface. These ensure fast material removal and provide high precision.
  3. The disc grinders or double disc grinders cover a larger contact area between the disc and the workpiece and these can be placed with both vertical and horizontal spindle.

Surface Grinding Wheels Specifications

The specification of the Surface grinding wheels also called as the super abrasives wheels are depended on various types of specifications. This includes abrasive type, grit size, bonding degree, concentration, and type of bond, bond name and the thickness of the abrasive layer. The type of grinding wheel chosen depends on the most suitable applications of it, the shape of the work material, the finished specifications and the types of equipment it will be operating on.

  • Abrasive grains: There are two types of diamond wheels used in the industrial application, one of them is the natural diamond and the other is the synthetic diamond. Other used types are SDC and the CBN ones. These abrasive grains are used for the grinding wheel operations.
  • Grit size: The grit size is depended on the size of the diamond and the grain diameter. For finer grains the finishing is good and for non-finer grains the finishing on the end surface is poor.
  • Bond strength: it defines the degree, strength and the hardness with which the bond or the bond material holds the abrasive grains. For grains that have a harder degree of bonding, the lifetime of the grinding wheel is longer but the sharpness of the end product is less and vice versa.
  • Degree of concentration: it defines the content ratio of the diamond to the CBN abrasive grains in the abrasive layer. The higher the degree of concentration, the greater is the number of grains. For a lower degree of concentration, there is a lower number of abrasive grains present.
  • Type of bond: It is the type of bonding layer holding together the abrasive grains in the super abrasive wheel. During grinding, the abrasive grains drop off and this leads to the exposing of the newer grains. This improves the sharpness of the grinding process.

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