Gear Grinding Wheel

Gear Grinding Wheel

A gear grinding wheel is equipment which is used to transmit torque to other gears or gear racks or chains.A gear grinding wheel is generally specified with the help of diameter, a number of teeth and the shape of the teeth ( sometimes called tooth profile grinding wheel). These gears can be designed in the form of a spur, helical, spiral or hypoid.

The shape and design of the teeth are defined with the help of pith, teeth width and teeth gap, teeth flak and face, bottomland and top land. The shape of the gear is designed in such a way that the frictional connection is form-fitting, seamless and doesn’t slip. Also, the precision or the correctness of the process determines the quality of the gear and its efficiency as well.

There are many ways of preparing the gear blanks. However, the precision surface shape is generally produced by grinding. It is very important to indulge in processes like curing and hardening of the gears and after that, the gears need to re-grind again.

Gear Wheel related FAQs

1. What are gear grinding wheels needed for?

The grinding wheels are mainly used to generate the profile of gear teeth wherein the machine and the gear type is used to determine the shape of the grinding wheel. The most common processes of gear generation comprise of profile grinding, continuous gear generation, and bevel gear grinding. The gear grinding wheels are generally employed as a finishing process to remove the considerable amount of metal after heat treatment. The gear grinding wheels are a treatment operation to obtain a predetermined quality of the end product. Hence, gear grinding process is mainly followed to meet the exact requirements of the form, dimension and surface texture. A company employs a gear grinding gives a very high degree of dimensional accuracy. Depending upon the utility and the design of the gears and the shape of the teeth, there are different types of grinding wheels used. The best grinding wheels are produced by the Hindustan Abrasives, known for it's quality gear grinding wheels built with precision and are also very affordable in their pricing. Hindustan Abrasives guarantees high removal rates and long grinding wheel life with high precision grinding and minimal surface damage.

2. What are the methods of gear grinding process

The gear grinding wheels are mainly employed in order to generate the profile of the gear teeth. The shape of the grinding wheel is determined by the machine or the gear type you want to construct. There are basically two processes employed in gear grinding process. This includes: The continuous generating type of method: This process mainly employs using the wheel progressively as it approaches the root or the gear from the tip or the gear tooth. It profiles an exact gear form into the workpiece. There are multiple passes employed in which the wheel grinds the gear teeth to construct the desired gear geometry. The form or the profile grinding: This process is mainly employed for the processes wherein the wheel is in constant touch with the workpiece. It also profiles the exact shape of the gear tooth. However, in this process, the wheels run between two opposing teeth to grind both the surfaces at the same time. Bevel grinding process: The bevel gears are produced in a conical shape and are used n differentials. This process involves the spiral bevel gears are performed with cup wheels following profiled grinding wheels.

3.What is process of gear manufacturing?

It has to be understood that more stringent requirements result in tighter tolerances, higher profile accuracy, and improved surface finish. In order to produce high-quality gears, the choice of the abrasive has to chosen in the same way. The better the abrasive used, the higher the quality of the gear. Before the gear grinding process is initiated a number of secondary stages are involved. These various processes in gear manufacturing include: Hobbing: This is a rough operation of the gear manufacturing process. This will result in the production of a good gear profile with stock remaining for a final grinding process. The hardening or the heat treatment process: It is a combined group of a process that is used to change or alter, the physical, and many-a-times chemical, properties of a material. This treatment involves the use of all the heating or chilling, mainly to the extreme temperatures in order to achieve the desired result like hardening or softening of a material. This heat treatment techniques include the annealing, case hardening, precipitation strengthening also called as the age hardening, tempering, and quenching. The grinding process: This produces high-quality surface finish materials, in turn, correcting all the distortion incurred by the material in terms of heat treatment, and constructs a profile dimensional accuracy. This in term results in producing the grind gears from solid eliminating the hobbing process. The process that determines the production lot size as the high production gears follows hobbing, hardening and grinding. The process of using grinding over hobbing for small lot quantities is very common with the advanced grinding wheel technology that follows the process of grinding, hardening and grinding.

4. What are types of Gear grinding wheels manufactured by Hindustan Abrasives?

Hindustan Abrasives follows a complete procedure right from the warming of the metal to form its finishing gear teeth. The treatment is followed in order to maintain the quality of the gear grinding wheels. The process is followed in order to make sure that necessity of the shape, measurement and the surface of the grinding. The process followed by the experts of the Hindustan Abrasives gives a high level of dimensional exactness as well. A type of the gear grinding wheel, the snagging wheel is used to remove the undesirable metal and construct the efficient end product. The requirements for the same include the grinding heavy welds, removing the parting lines, remove the cracks and flaws and remove the unwanted metal on casting.

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Gear Grinding Wheel
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