Roll Grinding Wheel

Roll Grinding Wheel

Roll grinding is a functional form of cylindrical grinding and precision grinding of multiple kinds of rolls. Roll grinding wheels are employed in the re-grinding and product grinding of rolls for the Steel. It is used in Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Printing Paper and textile enterprises.

Roll Grinding wheels give an exceptional finish and are used in grinding task rolls and back-up rolls applied In Hot Mills, Cold Mills, Sendzimer Mills, Aluminium Mill, Grinding chrome-covered rolls and rubber rolls. It is suitable for tools like Churchill, Hercules, Siegen, Bhiman, Meska, Vikas, etc.


Application of Roll Grinding Wheels

Rolls are extensively used on rolling devices in steel mills, paper mills, aluminum alloy, copper industries, etc. Roll grinding wheels are applied to regrind the rolls. The process is similar to cylindrical grinding, except the workpiece is long and geometry and highly detailed surface finishes are needed.

We are market-leading supplier and dealer, offering Roll Grinding Wheels that are utilized for rough grinding, polishing and precision grinding, These rings are widely used in steel and iron industries.

Advanced product features protection, high efficiency, great precision, rust resisting, longer functional life, and easy preservation makes us the best. These wheels are available in different diameters and thickness. Customers can avail these cost-effective Roll Grinding Wheels from us in different terms, at reasonable prices.

What is product range?

BA,WA,BSV3,V1G to L45 m/sUp to 915 mm diameter and 100 mm thickness

Roll Grinder Wheel Related Frequently Asked Question

What is roll grinding wheel

Roll grinding is a form of external cylindrical grinding.It is used to grind rolls which subjected to continuous wear and peeling off during rolling.

What are the Sizes of the Roll Grinding Wheels?

Roll Grinding Wheels are commonly used in various industries for processing products. These cover paper, paint, steel, rubber, and textiles. They must satisfy certain terms to deliver quality & desired outcomes. The diameter of rolls may differ from a few centimeters, up to six meters or more. Throughout the length, a great finish is needed. For example, these rolls provide sheet metal high finish that’s needed without resorting to buffing or polishing. Moreover, the main condition is that the two rolls working together should not have any gap between them. They should also have a circularity of 0.002 mm and an exterior finish of 0.02 microns.

How to practice roll grinding wheel in grinding machine?

If rolls are to be practiced for cold-forming metal, then the high pressure between the input and the rolls would make the rolls to spring apart at the middle. If that occurred, the rolled metal would be more solid at the center than at the sides, if the well uniform diameter rolls were practiced for this purpose. That’s why it’s excellent for the right curve of the face of the roll to be accurately calculated. Additionally, roll grinding should befall with a crown or convex cover. Roll grinders usually have plans for rotating the rolls on their applications. Both Rolls may also turn on the tailstock and headstock axes.

What is special features of HA roll grinding wheels?

Enables maximum life Reduces grinding time Obtain best surface finish

Looking for Roll Grinding Wheel to Grind Roll Material ?

Hindustan Abrasives provides roll grinding wheel to grind the wide range of roll materials used in various industries- Steal, Paper etc..

We have product range to grind different types of rolls for both types of rolling mills, Hot rolling mill and cold rolling mill. Get in touch with our experts to know more about our Roll Grininder wheels.