Roll Grinding Wheel

Roll Grinding Wheels

Roll Grinding Wheels are generally used in many industries for processing products. These include paper, paint, steel, rubber, and textiles. They must meet certain specifications in order to deliver quality & desired results.

The length of rolls may vary from a few centimeters, up to six meters or more. Throughout the length, a high finish is required. For example, these rolls give sheet metal the high finish that’s required without resorting to buffing or polishing. Furthermore, the main requirement is that the two rolls running together should not have any distance between them. They should also have a roundness of 0.002 mm and a surface finish of 0.02 microns.

If rolls are to be used for cold-forming metal, then the great pressure between the job and the rolls would cause the rolls to spring apart at the center. If that happened, the rolled metal would be thicker at the center than at the edges if the perfectly uniform diameter rolls were used for this purpose. That’s why it’s desirable for the correct curve of the face of the roll to be carefully calculated. Additionally, roll grinding should occur with a crown or convex surface. Roll grinders usually have provisions for rotating the rolls on their own bearings. Both Rolls may also rotate on the tailstock and headstock centers.

Our wheel not only achieves high stock removal has eaten but also the highest surface finisher in all other of application. We offer grinding wheel in vitrified bonds for normal walking speeds of up to 125 M/S. We special specialism in producing a grinding wheel that is precisely tailored suit the spectrum requirement of the job. Roll grinding found in steel & paper mills to reshape & polish rolls. Generally roll grinding wheel are heavy in diameter (100-1080) and thickness (50-50mm).

Roll Grinding Wheels are generally very big in size and therefore do not come in the category of Tool Room Grinding Wheels

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