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Why Use Vitrified Bond for Grinding Wheels?

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A grinding wheel has three components:

  1. Abrasive grains that do actual cutting.
  2. Bond which holds together the abrasive grains in the wheel while they cut and releases grains when they become dull, so as to provide new sharp grains.
  3. Structure which is the void or air space left between adjacent grains coated with bond, so as to provide chip clearance.

There are 5 Main Types of Bond in Grinding Wheels

Let’s dig deep inside bond types used for grinding wheels

  1. Vitrified Bond
  2. Resinoid Bond
  3. Rubber Bond
  4. Shellac Bond
  5. Oxychloride (Magnesite) Bond

Vitrified Bond

The term “vitrified” in its simplest form means “glassy” or “glass bond”. Abrasive materials such as aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, diamond and CBN are mixed with glass frit and other ceramic material like (clays, feldspar, etc…).

Blended mixtures are then pressed and sintered .On sintering, the glass and ceramic components are fused and melted together hard vitrified bond that holds the abrasive material in place.

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Why use vitrified bonded grinding wheel?

Why Use Vitrified Bond for Grinding Wheels?
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The vitrified grinding wheels have high levels of porosity in their structure. Porosity carries coolant through the grinding zone and provide space for chip clearance. By providing space to remove grinding swarf, the grinding wheels are able to grind faster.

Vitrified grinding wheels can remove the heat generated during grinding much more efficiently thus allowing faster grinding cycle times and less thermal damage to heat sensitive materials. Vitrified bonded wheels are also capable of high rate of stock removal in precision grinding operations.

The rigidity of the vitrified bonded wheels helps in form retention and attainment of high precision. This bond is not affected by high temperature uses or by water or oils. The majority of precision grinding operations are performed with vitrified wheels.

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