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Grinding Wheel HSN Code

HSN code for Grinding Wheel in India The HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) code for grinding wheels is 6804. This code is used to classify abrasive products and related materials for customs purposes and to facilitate international trade. Under the HSN system, grinding wheels are classified as follows: Each HSN code is divided into further […]

Preventing Glazing in Your Grinding Wheel: Tips and FAQs

Abrasives on wheel face are lost sharpness. Wheel has shiny appearance and feels slick. What is Glazing in Grinding Wheels? A grinding wheel is an essential tool in any machinist or metalworking shop. It is made up of abrasive particles that are bound together to form a circular shape, and it is used to grind […]

10 Causes of Grinding Chatter Problem & Solutions

Grinding chatter is a vibration that occurs during the grinding process. It can be caused by several factors, such as the interaction of the grinding wheel and the workpiece, the grinding wheel being out of balance, or the workpiece being out of round. Grinding chatter can be detrimental to the grinding process, as it can […]

Grinding Wheel Dressing – Wheel Dresser Types & Specification

Grinding Wheel Dressing Dressing may be broadly defined as any operation performed on a wheel face to change the nature of its cutting action. Why Grinding Wheel Dressing Needed? Dressing is necessary when the individual grain crystal in the wheel face become dulled and the rate of stock removal is constantly decreasing as the grinding […]

What is An Abrasive Grinding Wheel Ring Test? & How to Perform a Ring Test?

Abrasive wheels play a vital role in the manufacturing process, and it’s important to ensure that they are in good condition and ready for use. By performing regular tests on your abrasive wheels, you can help prevent issues during the grinding process and ensure the quality of your finished products. What tests should be performed […]

Why Use Vitrified Bond for Grinding Wheels?

A grinding wheel has three components: Abrasive grains that do actual cutting. Bond which holds together the abrasive grains in the wheel while they cut and releases grains when they become dull, so as to provide new sharp grains. Structure which is the void or air space left between adjacent grains coated with bond, so […]

Guidelines for Selecting Grinding Wheels

Selecting right grinding wheel for a specific application, if properly understood, is not difficult. Some times, the first selection of the wheel may not turn out appropriate and modifications in specification may be necessary. Factors Affect Choice of Right Grinding Wheel There are 6 factors which affect choice of a grinding wheel specification. Material to […]