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Grinding Machine Safety Precautions and Checklist

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The grinding wheels are safe operating tools, but also it must be remembered that they are fragile and breakable. Grinding is a safe operation under normal conditions. Severe stresses can be set up in the grinding wheel if, established, safe operating practices are not maintained.

Grinding Machine Safety Precautions & Checklist pdf
Grinding Machine Safety Precautions

A thorough knowledge of the nature and characteristics of grinding wheels, the grinding machines on which they are used, the safety and protection devices and the knowledge of grinding wheels handling and storage coupled with simple rules of safety will result in excellent safety record in their use in industries.

Grinding Machine Safety Inspections Checklist

Here is the check list that an operator should consider before starting to work.

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-Wheels are handled carefully to prevent dropping
-Grinding Wheels are stored in racks
-Wheels are stored in dry area and are never subjected to high humidity & extreme temperature changes


– Grinding wheels are inspected to make sure that they have not been damaged in transit
Vitrified wheels are ring tested before mounting to make sure that they have not any dull sound in it


– Grinding machine is sufficiently rigid and securely mounted on the floor.
Grinding machine is equipped with safety guard and exposure angle angle of the same is given as per IS guidelines IS1991-1973.
– Size of spindle is maintained as per IS safety guidelines.
– Bench grinders-work rest is rigidly supported and readily adjustable to compensate the wheel wear


– Flanges are made with steel with tensile strength 460MN/m2 and above
– Flanges are made in good balance
– Both flanges are made with same diameter
– Flanges are made with recess
– Diameter of straight relieved flanges are made at least one third of wheel diameter.


– Spindle speed of machine is checked before mounting of wheel to ensure that it does not exceed the maximum operating speed marking on wheel
– Grinding wheel is fit freely on machine spindle
– Ensure that wheel is never forced on spindle.
– Using clean recessed matching flanges
– Using clean and smooth blotters on each side of wheel under each flanges
– Nut is tightened only enough to hold wheel firmly


– Wearing safety glasses before starting the wheel
– Bench grinder-work rest is adjusted within 3 mm of wheel periphery
– Stand aside and allow wheel to run a full minute before starting to grind.

Download Printable Grinding Machine Safety Checklist

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